Concrete Staining

Get the best stained concrete in Ephrata, PA.

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If you are staining concrete in Ephrata, PA, contact the pros at C.L. Balmer to help. We will provide the best stained concrete in Ephrata, PA.

Stains & Dyes

We apply stains and dyes to raw concrete to give it a new look. This can transform your space and significantly improve the look and feel. This allows for a deeper and richer color to the concrete.

Professional Look

Concrete stains and dyes can give your space a more professional look, especially if you are having it done in a commercial building. We will make sure that you can showcase your brand immediately where people can see it most. At their feet!


Concrete staining is durable – it will last years if cared for properly, and our techniques and products are built to help the stain last. We want it to last, no matter what you're doing to the floor. Ask about our coatings, seals and stains to determine what's right for your situation.

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