Epoxy Flooring

Get epoxy flooring for your residential or commercial space.

Different Coatings

We offer many different finishes for epoxy flooring, including decorative metallics, chips, quartz, or strictly functional. The options are endless! Just come and chart with one of our staff and find out which one is right for your situation or needs.


We focus on making sure your epoxy flooring is durable against any elements. Whether you need it in your home or business, we’ll make sure it lasts. No matter what you drive, walk, place or leave on it, we want to make sure it'll last for years to come.

High Quality

We use the highest quality materials and equipment to make sure your floor exceeds your expectations, needs, and is durable for the lifetime of use you will give it. You can be sure to get a high quality floor with C.L. Balmer.

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